Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities is a photographic confrontation of human aversion to eye contact longer than a few seconds.

"The eyes are the window into the soul." - Walter Murch

The eyes are the most perplexing yet illuminating human feature. Stress, joy, yearning, anger, exhaustion, and exuberance are only a few of the emotions the eyes can convey. There is much to discover looking at somebody's eyes, yet I struggle to gaze for longer than a few seconds at a time. I often avert my own eyes, afraid of the intimacy and connection gazing brings.

Invisible Cities is a photographic confrontation with this behavior. The series starts easy and distant by showing all major facial features. By the end, however, the images get closer and more intimate as the eyes remain.

By capturing only the eyes, I aim to constrain the viewing window. Then, in looking at these close-up images, other viewers and I have only two options: avert and hide, or gaze and learn.